With summer now gleaming on the horizon, the time has come for legendary DJ Pete Tong to announce his plans for his Ibiza residency.

Wonderland, the DJ’s brand new concept night, will be coming to Eden, San Antonio for a summer-long run. Boasting a second room headed up by Groove Armada, Wonderland will have some special guests including Charlie Chester, Eric Prydz, Timo Maas and many others.

Pete Tong’s Wonderland will run in Eden, San Antonio from 13th June – 26th September, blowing minds every Friday night.

It’s not everyday you can be blown away live by Hendrix’s mentor then ACTUALLY get to jam with him. Well premium Bourbon brand Bulleit is winging this once in a lifetime chance to your own strumming fingers as Guitar Shorty, the living legend of Electric Blues, launches this new series of live events alongside local psychedelic troopers The Aliens and art-pop troubadours FOUND – then invites fans to duel with his dazzling skills live. The Electric Blues first emerged as a fullyfledged scene in the mid-1940s, with the initial wave of U.S. Electric Blues musicians influencing the likes of Eric Clapton and Fleetwood Mac, as well as inspiring the music and performance of rock legends such as Hendrix (Shorty married his sister) and The Rolling Stones.

Two days after the first event, Guitar Shorty will be inviting Glasgow musicians to bring their guitar to take part in a ‘jam-along’ with him at Merchant Square called ‘Bulleit Jamming’ – a rare opportunity for guitar aficionados to join musical forces with a renowned artist. Later in the year Bulleit catches up with more of FOUND’S Fence Collective brethren in a unique event at the inimitable Caves venue in Edinburgh at Fence Club; a semi-regular event that showcases the range of styles from the Fife-based musos, and plays host to performances from friends the Fence Collective have made on their travels.

Bulleit Sessions runs from 8pm until 3am, costing £5. Bulleit Jamming takes place on Saturday 12th April at 3pm, Merchant Square, Glasgow.

Putting their guitars and synths in a blender, then drinking down the resulting instrumental milkshake, Infadels have uncovered a sound that demolishes the wall between dance and rock.

Debut album ‘We Are Not The Infadels’ was produced by acclaimed dance-head Jagz Kooner, yet referenced rock culture with tracks such as ‘Jagger ’67’. In the two years that followed Infadels have honed their sound, the rigours of relentless touring to produce the savage new album ‘Universe In Reverse’. The first track to be released from the album was the download-only ‘Play Blind’, which saw the band reach for the axes and turn the amps up to eleven.

Their new rockier sound is set to launch them onto the main stage of festivals across the summer. Whether the audience are prepared for them is another thing. A huge leap on from their debut, ‘Universe In Reverse’ will tear off your ears and teach you how to listen again.

Keith Tenniswood is perhaps best known as a blade-bearer with Andrew Weatherall in the famous Two Lone Swordsmen DJ team.

Under the Radioactive Man moniker Tenniswood displays a shrewd knack for squelchy, acidic electro beats. Four years after his last album, Radioactive Man returns with new album ‘Growl’ and brings a host of big names along for the ride. Dot Allison, former One Love singer, brings her fragile voice to ‘Nothing At All’, while ‘Double Dealings’ features Andrew Weatherall.

‘Growl’ is a dirty, heavy beast consisting of take-no-prisoners beats and dirty post-punk rhythms. Combining the best from the dance and rock worlds, ‘Growl’ is a tour de force dance cross over album. Four years on from his last album, and it seems that this superhero has no intention of hanging up his mask.

Formed as part of a music course, the Ayr five-piece decided to continue working on a bit of extra-curricular riot ‘n’ roll.

Causing havoc in the Scottish indie scene, narrow-minded hipsters were unsure how to label the group – too heavy for indie kids, too electro for the metal scene. Early single ‘The Sega Method’ had ears popping up across the nation, its tinnitus-causing synth melody collecting more fans than Sonic collected rings.

Now signed to Lizard King (original home to The Killers) the group are poised for stardom. The cynical cousin of New Romantics, the band dress down but act up, a thrilling five-piece assault that sounds more like a back street mugging than an indie band. Mothers of the indie scene beware – Drive By Argument are coming for your children and the kids may never be the same again.

Formed in Ontario, Tokyo Police Club first grabbed our attention with the shock success of debut EP ‘A Lesson In Crime’.

It sold over 70,000 copies all told, the band stealing headlines across the globe with one of the most fully realised debut releases in a generation. Full-length debut ‘Elephant Shell’ will do nothing to dispel the hype, containing eleven stunning pop salvos. Combining breakbeats to singalong melodies, the band race through the material with all the enthusiasm of a greyhound chasing after a rabbit.

Tracks such as ‘In A Grave’ hint at dark thoughts running through these young minds, with ‘Centennial’ suggesting that the band are capable of delving into deeper lyrical depths. With a sackful of chart-friendly songs and a deadly live act, Tokyo Police Club look to be an arresting proposition.

Featured heavily on Tricky’s landmark trip-hop record ‘Maxinquaye’, the voice of Martina Topley-Bird is familiar to many who may have never seen her face.

Now is time for the singer to step out of the shadows. Debut album ‘Quixotic’ was released to universal acclaim in 2003, being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. The album was an eclectic mixture of electronic, trip-hop and rock influences, and featured guest appearances from such musicians as Mark Lanegan, Josh Homme and David Holmes.

New album ‘The Blue God’ continues the theme of collaboration running through the singer’s work, with hip-hop legend Danger Mouse sitting behind the production desk. First single ‘Carnies’ is a blast of soulful pop, cut from the cloth of Etta James; it is a blast of dancefloor energy, and a suitable taster from what will no doubt be an epic album.

After hosting the infamous Get Loaded nights, and being personally invited to join the re-united Happy Mondays, it’s fair to say that Kav is a bit of a party animal.

Touring the world with Shaun Ryder tends to open minds, and Kav has returned in a full-on creative mode, if his debut EP ‘Blaggers & Liars’ is anything to go by. Reminiscent of The Stone Roses when they swapped Frankie Knuckles for John Bonham, Kav’s debut is a bluesy, swaggering affair, with the singer refusing to pull his punches.

With a guest appearance from Peter Hook, and a Babyshambles collaboration in the offing, Kav can boast some friends in high places and his debut album will no doubt boast a stellar cast. ‘Blaggers & Liars’ he may detest, but Kav can rest easy as on this evidence he’s got the goods to match his boasting.

A stunning mixture of styles and genres, They Came… seem to have a keen knowledge of just about every form of music going on this planet (and possibly the next one along).

Forming in 1999, the band has eventually whittled their line-up down to four members – though it still fluctuates. Releasing singles and EPs sporadically ever since, They Came… have become a genuine cottage industry. Rave reviews for their latest cosmic live performances mingle with the acclaim for latest recordings.

Their new album is a psychedelic party jam that takes off like an Apollo rocket. The music more than matches the outlandish name, blending together the itchy funk of prime era Talking Heads with the primal squeals of ‘On The Corner’ style Miles Davis. Expand your head, and prepare for take off.

The Draytones boast a raw energy and downright unpredictability that hasn’t been seen in Blighty since the dear old Libertines kicked the bucket.

Bringing to mind freakbeat psychos such as The Creation and The Attack, the Anglo-Argentinian group are also steeped in the bizarre world of South American psychedelia.

Made for dancing, the group’s almost constant run of live dates has seen them play everywhere from youth clubs to working men’s clubs, conquering doubters wherever they roam. Debut album ‘Up In My Head’ is an explosive statement of intent. Produced by Stan Kybert, the band chose to retreat from the hype to rural Lincolnshire, acting as sonic scientists to create remarkable experiments with sound. Aware of their heritage, but without being retro, The Draytones will make you tune in, turn on and freak out.