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Franz Ferdinand It’s getting better all the time for…

“There’s quite a good sight,” says Alex Kapranos, but what is it he sees? An arena packed with screaming fans all throwing their soiled underwear at him? “I can see two cops on bikes over the road and they look, em, just a wee bit unfit to be riding their bikes,”

The Band The waltz plays on

They are one of the most important and influential groups of the 20th century. They made musical history not once but twice in the 1960s. They defined americana despite being four-fifths canadian. they were, according to George Harrison, better than the Beatles. they are, quite simply, The Band.

John Cale Count your chickens

John Cale, the Welsh dragon of experimentalism, returns to his home country with a new album and some stripped down G-Funk. Clash interviews the former member of the Velvet Underground on his notorious animal abuse episode, making peace with home crowds and how Dr Dre has changed his life.

Carl Craig The Detroit spinner

“You don’t have to make techno with an 808, a 909 or a 303 – techno is about your ideas, not the gear you use. ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’, to me, was techno; Stevie Wonder’s ‘Too High’ was techno.” Carl Craig, one of electronic music’s true mavericks, is getting into his stride.

Boards of Canada Keeping the campfires burning

Boards of Canada don’t give many interviews, the vast majority are by e-mail, and to the select few who do get to meet them, their studio, their homes and many key details of their lives and work are strictly out of bounds.

My Morning Jacket From hay to Z!

With their new album ‘Z’, My Morning Jacket have completely transcended the Americana rock scene and become something very, very special. Main Jacketman Jim James has taken his bulky, Neil Young inspired mournful country rock and bled pretty much every style of music.

Danger Doom Behind the masks

MF Doom, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughan, Zev Love X… Daniel Dumile has taken on many a pseudonym during his twenty-odd years in hip-hop. So are there any more personas yet to see the light of day? “Yeah, a giraffe named Sherman. He’s some funny shit”. That’s right; a giraffe named Sherman.

Personality Clash

Annie Vs Annie Lennox

The Norwegian songstress put her questions to the matriarch of modern electro pop

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