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The Coral Invading the Senses

Coral Bassist Paul Duffy bumps into Hooky, “That’s what i’ll look like in 20 years,” he jokes with fellow member John, who is furious that his recently purchased copy of Sonny & Cher’s ‘Greatest Hits’ is playing up. It seems everything that surrounds this band is not without incident.

Supergrass Road Trippin’

“I think the fact that we’ve varied our music explains why we’ve never really made it. I think people maybe need something more consistent to grab hold of.”

Frank Black The Pixies’ big poo-bah

Today in a clinical hotel coffee shop, Black peers at me, his face puffy from jetlag his body solidly rotund. He’s reflecting on a year that’s seen him tour the world, watch his son’s birth adn write and record his ninth solo album.

The Dead 60s Dub be good to me

The Americans, it seems, have been going crazy for the band’s Scouse blend of Dub and Ska, and saw them driving cross country to get the music to the people.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howling at the tune

A new label, a new sound, a new attitude. BRMC’s third album ‘Howl’ is a step in a more mature direction, edging away from the hype soaked tension.

Dogs Leading the pack

“I’m a bi-polar imbecile”. Dogs’ lead singer Johnny Cooke is struggling to sketch a suitable self portrait. It’s not hard to see why. A self-confessed mess of contradictions, he’s a lyricistin love with words who hates being called a poet.

Royksopp Norwegians would

“We thought we should return with everything twice the size: bigger heads, bigger eyes, bigger hands and bigger hair.”

Personality Clash

Alan McGee Vs Mani

The Creation Records boss talks to all round Bass toting legend Mani

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