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Gorillaz Damon Albarn’s superior side-project

Braving my way up the uneven steps that lead up to Kong Studios, I pause halfway to assess the situation. Clash is here to interview all four members of Gorillaz as they prepare to release their second album, ‘Demon Days’, but the elements are playing against me.

Queens of the Stone Age Hard livin’ hard rockin’ American band

The departure of Nick Oliveri from the most enigmatic, debauched and genre-defining act of the past decade has changed little. Their 4th outing is as accomplished, sleazy and sultry as previous offerings and reinforces the notion that their music is imperious to other genres within the world of Rock

Eels Mark Everett’s alt rock heroes

As grey skies hover ominously over London, I watch from the window of a cool, air-conditioned hotel suite as cold sleet showers down on intrepid shoppers, businessmen and joggers as they brave the elements in Kensington’s bustling High Street and Palace Gardens.

The Ordinary Boys Make not-so-ordinary music

Down in South West London in the leafy streets of Barnes is Olympic Studios,whose walls have witnessed the creations of such masterpieces as the Rolling Stones’ ‘Beggars Banquet’ and the S

Editors Glacial indie rock

From the ordinary often comes the extraordinary and never has this statement been more true than when applied to Editors. Any which way you try and spin it, in the flesh and offstage, you realise, this Birmingham-based four-piece are simply regular guys.

Bjork Icelandic pixie queen

Several weeks ago, when someone asked me if I’d been up to anything exciting, I’d say I interviewed Björk recently. This statement would often be followed by a swift intake of breath and then, “Was she really eccentric / crazy / kooky?”

Four Tet Genre skipping producer

The very first words uttered from the mouth of Kieran Hebden were ‘Decca’ and ‘Columbia’. A childhood spent immersed in the soulful strains of Otis Redding and Bob Dylan and the euphoric jazz of Miles Davis and Alice Coltrane helped these words galvanise action.

Personality Clash

The Raveonettes Vs Ronnie Spector

Posing the questions in the latest round of Personality Clash is Sune Rose Wagner, one half of the delctable Danish duo The Raveonettes

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