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Doves Manchester act with epic sound

Growing up in Manchester on a steady diet of New Order, The Smiths and Acid House, Jimi Goodwin and brothers Jez and Andy Williams have been making music together for over a decade. Along the way, they’ve overcome studio fires, the stigma of being a dance-pop act and the drug fuelled nineties…

The Mars Volta Huge solos and hair-dos in this prog act

Five years ago, after six years of slog gigging and near zero recognition, post-hardcore punk rockers At The Drive In were on the verge of a stellar breakthrough…

Robert Plant The voice of Zeppelin

It’s a well-known fact that music is cyclical; styles come back into fashion more often than flared trousers. Rarely though, does one artist complete a whole cycle of influences in one lifetime.

The Subways Underground indie three piece

The magical spirit of Glastonbury has had a lasting impact on many, but for The Subways, the festival was the catalyst that was destined to change their lives forever.

Autechre Avant garde genius of electronica

Autechre (Au-teck-er) is a word free of derivative, bashed out on a computer keyboard in 1991 and agreed originally as a track title because it looked good when designed on tape. A name recognisable only for being itself, taggable to nothing and definable by its sound not its meaning.

The Kills Trans-atlantic musical soulmates

He was a guitar-toting English atheist. She was a shy American who’d never heard of Kraftwerk. When they got together, it was murder.

The Duke Spirit Female-fronted primal blues act

Huddled around a corner table of a quiet pub off London’s bustling Tottenham Court Road is The Duke Spirit. Clash has arrived to sit with the quintet and witness the anticipation preceding the imminent release of their debut album.

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