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Babyshambles Iconic Libertine is a bit of a ‘Shambles

The crowd is beginning to get impatient. Tonight’s gig was supposed to be an early starter so it could be finished in time for the venue’s weekly rock ‘n’ roll club night. But as it is, three support bands have leisurely been and gone from the stage, there is no sign yet of the headliners…

Bloc Party London’s Kings of “Art Punk Funk”

It’s a brisk September’s afternoon, and Bloc Party, London’s self-proclaimed Kings of “Art Punk Funk”, have spent the best part of the day parading the streets of London with a photographer, perfecting their mean and moody faces.

The Engineers Manchester psychedelic voyagers

Manchester has always been the breeding ground for genre-defining effortlessly cool bands such as Doves, New Order, Oasis and Stone Roses. Guess what? There’s another name to add to the list: Engineers. Daniel Lloyd Jones catches up with guitarist Dan McBean.

The Music Welcome To The North

Basking in the glory of their recently released sophomore effort “Welcome To The North”, The Music have found themselves in the enviable position of a revered and respected group, capable of shaping their epic visions into a weaving psychedelic wonder of dance-rock.

Modest Mouse American cult heroes

Modest Mouse: coma, dead dogs, mafia confrontations, prison spells, crystal meth, attempted murder and the devil in a suit. Lead singer Isaac Brock tells Clash why journalists always ask him the same questions…

Velvet Revolver Megastar rock collective

When most bands get together over a shared love or belief, the hows and whys of their formation usually comes a distant second to their music. But when you are Velvet Revolver, it’s a whole different crate of whiskey.

Giant Sand Howe Gelb’s avant-country collective

Maybe its the peyote. Maybe its the relentless Arizona sun. Whatever it is that first made Howe Gelb mix up punk, country and psychedelia, we’re thankful for it.

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