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Franz Ferdinand Glaswegian art-poppers want to take you out

They’re the band that are on everyone’s lips, being lauded as this year’s brightest hopes, and having little time to dwell on such frivolities – they have a masterplan to liberate pop music from the hands of fools and make it as worthy and exciting as it used to be.

Scissor Sisters New York disco group, camper than a field of tents

You don’t need to know the meaning behind their name to fully appreciate their music. but if you do, the Scissor Sisters’ flamboyant and sexy disco instantly makes sense. The New York (where else?) quintet exude such camp playfulness and good times, their gigs a celebration.

The Zutons Scouse soul / indie group reach their Pressure Point

Just when you thought it was looking like a decent soul / funk / voodoo band was never going to appear, The bleedin’ Zutons have gone and filled that vacancy and enabled us to finally gorge on some Scouse boogie.

My Morning Jacket Gorgeous alt country harmonies

Last year, some weeks after the release of the glorious “It Still Moves” and some weeks before the departure of two of its members, My Morning Jacket were riding the crest of the tidal wave that album had created.

Kasabian Leicester group with Imperial ambitions

Since Armenian’s first learned how to chop meat, Kasabian has meant ‘butcher’. In the 1970’s the name became synonymous with different butchers; Linda Kasabian stood trial for being the Manson Family’s getaway driver.

Johnny Cash The Man In Black

The greatest voice in history: Johnny Cash. It is personally important to me given the things that have happed resulting in my introduction to the Man In Black

Funk D’Void Globetrotting DJ with a story to tell

A Swede, hailing from Glasgow and living in Barcelona, who’s travelled the world flying the musical flag to crowds of aliens in glass pyramids

Personality Clash

James Lavelle Vs Craig Richards

Unkle mainman interviews Tyrant DJ and producer Craig Richards

Album Reviews