…the trendy play bingo?

The modern world may be going down the financial dumper right now, but over in London’s fashionable Islington a secret society is finding solace in simpler, more traditional pleasures.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is exactly as the title suggests: a clandestine, Fight Club-esque event at which in-the-know punters gather in a church hall, lock the doors behind them, and participate in that most shameful of pastimes: bingo. It’s hardly Gala, however, as a sharptalking host (usually comedian Trevor Lock) and a couple of saucy call-girls (well, they call the numbers in saucy fashion) divvy out a splendidly random selection of prizes. Clash won a Stylophone a few weeks back. Very happy about it we were too.

We have two pairs of tickets to give away to an upcoming edition of the URBC – click on the question below to enter. But keep it under your hat.

Where in London is the event held?


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