Come fly with me...
Woodpecker Wooliams

'Gull' is the latest lesson from Woodpecker Wooliams' 'The Bird School Of Being Human' which is out now via Robot Elephant Records.

Woodpecker Wooliams is the alter ego of Brighton based singer-songwriter Gemma Williams, who says the complex, often dark, themes apparent in her work were not ones she initially planned to tackle. 

“I didn't set out to explore these ideas.  Each song came via a bird that had a story to tell. A bit like a reverse Disney animation - rather than anthropomorphising animal characters, these songs are kind of how it might be like if people were aviomorphised, or if the birds were in human bodies. Bird's eye views... So they're the bird's songs really. My life is changing/has changed so much over the course of making this album, surprising me, over and over”.

'The Bird School Of Being Human' is out now.


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