"We are four non-dancers engaged in a conversation with ourselves..."

Woman's Hour aren't like other new bands.

Sure, there are plenty of pop hooks, of well worked subtlety at play - but beneath this there's an astonishing amount of intelligence.

Take the video for new cut 'Conversations'. Inspired by 'Group Primary Accumulation' (1973), a performance piece by the celebrated American choreographer Trisha Brown, it's a beautifully shot monochrome clip.

Fiona Burgess explains: "We are four non-dancers engaged in a conversation with ourselves. Separately together. The video highlights this isolation. Four people silently moving in sync."

Watch the video now.

- - -

Woman's Hour are set to release their debut album 'Conversations' on July 21st. Tracklisting:

1. Unbroken Sequence
2. Conversations
3. To The End
4. Darkest Place
5. In Stillness We Remain
6. Our Love Has No Rhythm
7. Her Ghost
8. Two Sides of You
9. Devotion
10. Reflections
11. The Day That Needs Defending

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