Evil sounding Leeds duo...
Witch Hunt

Hallowe'en - one day for you, every day for Witch Hunt.

A project for Leeds based pairing Louisa Osborn and Chris Mulligan, the group's grimy, sludgy output has been oozing our way over the past few months. Essentially a garage blues two piece, there are shades of The Cramps here in the way that the band add a raw sense of menace to their disturbed riffs.

Debut single 'Chairman' drops on December 3rd. Available as a free download, Witch Hunt are also making the single available as a business card from live shows. The physical release is set to be handled by Leeds based independent label Dead Young Records, who are plotting to make 'Chairman' just 80 limited edition, hand packaged & letter bound CDs, wax sealed in envelopes.

Those are the prosaic details. What really matters is that Witch Hunt sound like The Kills when they really were just two artists locked in a room to engage their emotional trauma with guitars and a drum machine. All stomping blues riffs and sneering vocals, the single comes equipped with a video shot in run down rehearsal space.

Never has breezeblock seemed to threatening...

Watch it now.

- - -

'Chairman' is set to be released on December 3rd.


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