Directed by Dan W Jacobs
Another Night

Imagine a long wintery walk home alone in the dark, and all else you’ll need is Wild Swim’s ‘Another Night’ to breeze through it. The Oxford-quintet’s delicate trademark synths shimmer over this track and is bolstered by frontman Richard Samson’s anguished baritone vocal.

The video was directed by Dan W Jacobs and animated by Dan W Jacobs and Michael Battcock. The animation follows a lonely, mysterious man as he escapes from fortress city across an ocean before falling through a hole in the water and appears to obliterate, and disappear into nothingness.

Deep, right? Although, incredibly fitting for this elusive track following from their somber debut single ‘Echo’. Another group to break out of Oxford’s well-oiled music-making scene, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Wild Swim are likely to draw in comparisons to Foals and Radiohead as well as Wild Beasts and James Blake.

Wild Swim has a matured sound for boys fitting in gigs and recording around university schedules. Well, not all the boys – Samson is training to be a tailor on London’s Saville Row. Perhaps we might see some Wild Swim suits over the course of their live performances!

‘Another Night’ is out on Believe Recordings on May 6th and is produced by Steve Osborne (New Order, Suede).

Words by Jojo Khor


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