Dream pop newcomers...
Wild Combination

The ongoing shoegaze resurgence has thrown up some odd moments.

After all, how can a sound which to all intents and purposes died in 1992 possibly represent life in the 21st century? Well, Wild Combination may be about to argue against that statement.

An Essex based trio, their sound sits somewhere between the aching dream pop of Wild Nothing, the blissful melancholia of The Cure and the sweetest moments of The Stone Roses.

Reminiscent of summer rain falling on long, green grass Wild Combination have a bright, youthful innocence which is impossible to fake.

New EP 'Pulses' drops on July, and represents the band's most concise, punchy statement yet. Lead single 'Whole Lotta Truth' is already creating waves, with those glistening guitar lines interlocking with synths that seem to fade and fall.

ClashMusic have been given first play of the video for 'Whole Lotta Truth' and it features the band at a retro car meet.

Watch it now.

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'Pulses' is set to be released in July. 'Whole Lotta Truth' will be released on June 10th.


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