'Drive' inspired video...

Driving alone on a moonlit dirt track, the clear moon overhead.

Sound familiar? It's become a popular aesthetic of late, with the global success of 'Drive' spawning many an imitator.

This here new Waylayers video, though, does it better than most. New EP 'Faultlines' is all chic and swagger, clinical electronics mixed with powerful, emotional songwriting.

Lead cut 'S.O.S.' comes equipped with a chorus which could destroy the festival season, as well as a clip which echoes that feted Ryan Gosling flick. Shot at night, it features plenty of stylish, sweeping camera angles, lost cityscapes and the odd firework or two.

Directed by Alexander Brown, you can watch it now.

- - -

Keep an eye out for Waylayers' new EP 'Faultlines' which drops this month.


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