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Mikill Pane

Blame Mikill Pane.

This summer has witnessed one major crossover, one artist who can take underground sounds to the mainstream. Fusing hip hop, grime and pop into one, effortless package Mikill Pane has been able to charm the charts without losing his street cred.

Snapped up by Universal, the young London based artist went into the studio with top producer Jake Gosling to work on his debut album.

The results are mighty contagious. A snapshot of London life, Mikill Pane calls it like he sees it - and he sees a lot. With the title track already riding high, 'Blame Miss Barclay' is set to be one of the summer's real flash points.

Out on Monday (September 9th) Mikill Pane's rise is charted in a new documentary.

Ahead of its official release, Clash are able to let our readers watch the film before anyone else.

Can't see the video? You're too late, friend, this was a 24 hour offer only.

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