Taut, heavy machine-funk...
Losing Control

Montreal's electronic scene is a curious beast.

The city's licensing laws mean that clubbing is difficult, and whilst this is frustrating it has lead to the creation of a unique environment. Swapping club chic for warehouse spaces, Montreal disintegrates genre lines and fuses music with visual art.

Hailing from the Quebec city, upcoming duo Vosper embody these traits and more in their forthcoming EP 'Losing Control'. A fusion of heavy, shuddering machine funk and what was once termed EBM, there's a near industrial tone to some of these productions.

Yet that itchy, contagious funk can't be ignored, with Vosper clearly creating music which is meant to move you. Out now via MEANT, EP highlight 'Kabuki Playboy' has been given the video treatment.

A moody night-time shoot which bristles with menace, it matches the blunt force of Vosper's music.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Losing Control' is out now. Check out Vosper on Facebook HERE.

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