Live at Green Man Festival 2013...
Villagers at Green Man

Another live track recorded at this year's Green Man for you to enjoy, after yesterday's MONEY track, this time courtesy of Mercury Prize-nominated Irish outfit Villagers, aka Conor O'Brien and chums.

'Earthly Pleasure' is the song in question, and it's taken from the album '{Awayland}', issued via Domino earlier this year (and awarded a splendid 9/10 review from Clash, right here).

Note to anyone into such details: it's 'Earthly Pleasure', not "pleasures". So yeah. Careful of that, The Music Press.

Anyway, back to this video. It's really good. You should definitely watch it. There's more to come on Clash in terms of these Green Man session clips, so do keep your eyes and ears primed for said content. Which'll be on these pages really soon.

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