Dance-rap prodigy returns...
'Down On My Luck' screenshot

Dance and hip hop tend to keep themselves to themselves - seldom do the twain meet, and even more seldom are crossovers successful.

Rhyming on top of euphoric club beats, Vic Mensa is busy proving that dance and hip hop need not be strangers. Last year's 'INNANETAPE' mixtape was a bristling introduction, full of wit, verve and invention.

Clash named the mixtape as one of the best of 2013, labelling it "an oddball-driven tumble of non-sequiturs and tongue-twisting randomness backed by a respectable who’s-who guestlist of www favourites."

Tape highlight 'Down On My Luck' has received the video treatment, and it's every bit as colourful as you might expect. Essentially 'Groundhog Day' set in a club, you can watch it now on Clash.

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'INNANETAPE' is out now.

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