Shot by Michelangelo Antonioni...

Playful, that's Turnpike Glow.

Not in the sense of child-like (although there is that quality in their music) but more 'play' as in the sense of switching off your conscious, everyday mind and re-exploring your surroundings.

It leads them down some strange paths. Take their new EP - titled 'Fünke Pop' in honour of Arrested Development it's a diverse, at times surreal, listen which is packed with odd little ideas who wander in from one side of the stereo and disappear out the next.

Stripped from the release, 'Heels In Madrid' seems to pull in two directions at once. The music is relaxed, with an awkward, itchy Talking Heads sense of rhythm which borders on the funky.

The vocals, though, continue to rise, pushing the track further and further forward. Perhaps it's the roaring sun outside, but this genuinely feels like summer.

Piecing together a video, Turnpike Glow decided to use footage from four works by Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. Packed with colour - and retaining a psychedelic edge - you can watch it first on Clash.

- - -

'Fünke Pop' is set to be released on July 8th.

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