"Nothing can alter that..."

The suburbs are everywhere and nowhere.

Close enough to the city to make life worthwhile, they are too far to actually feel plugged in, to actually take part in that sacred momentum. It's a curious dichotomy: at once a part of something and continually rejected.

Tripwires hail from Reading, and seem to have spent the past six years dealing with this contradiction. Their solution? To layer fuzz and reverb on their guitars until they weren't sure which was the effect and which was the instrument.

"We've always joked that we wanted parts of our songs to sound like a hairdryer to the face," they commented recently. "Having said that, we're really interested in exploring how simple and stripped-back we can make things, using both approaches to make things sound as diverse as possible while still sounding like 'us'."

New album 'Spacehopper' is the result. Out via Frenchkiss on June 18th, it nods towards that much-used shoegaze template, but there's something different here. A rock edge, for a start, a directness of approach which spears through that hazy, dreamy template.

'Shimmer' is a case in point. Cranking up the volume, this is noise and melody, feedback and harmony. The sound of the suburbs.

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'Spacehopper' is set to be released on June 18th.

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