Americana from the heart of London...
Treetop Flyers

Funny how some sounds just seem redolent of a time, a place.

We're not referring to where it was consumed, but where it was made. Listening to Treetop Flyers you would swear for all the world that it derives from the golden plains of California, and not the grey concrete of London.

Yet the five piece have a strangely British attitude. Romanticising the sounds of the United States, Treetop Flyers are able to add a remarkable sheen to their Americana sounds which our cousins across the pond can barely match.

Debut album 'The Mountain Moves' is chock full of lush harmonies, warm arrangements and billowing acoustic guitars as fresh as a breeze looming in from San Francisco harbour.

Out on April 29th, ClashMusic have been granted a very special preview. 'Things Will Change' is brisk, confident songwriting, the sort of thing only a band too innocent to know any better could pull off.

The video for the track features the band in a very British scene, with Treetop Flyers performing in an Autumnal park - rain on the ground, leaves blocking the pavement it's the perfect foil for their visions of Americana.

Watch it now.

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'The Mountain Moves' is set to be released on April 29th.


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