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Train car

Train began life as an independent phenomenon.

Unable to find a backer, the band saved up and recorded their self-titled debut album on their own. Later given a wider release, 'Train' became a stunning commercial success story and launched the band's fifteen year career.

Taking 2009's 'Save Me, San Francisco' across the globe, the band then went back into the studio. Hidden from view, Train were able to focus anew on their sound, fusing their live energy with that rootsy Americana inspired songcraft.

The results have become one of the band's most successful albums to date. 'California 37' is set to be re-packaged in an expanded format, and the band recently sat down in front of the cameras to discuss their work. In a series of candid, probing interviews Train open up about their forthcoming album, giving fans a track by track guide to their material.

ClashMusic have grabbed the third clip in the series to run exclusively on the site. Watch it below.

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