Inspired by 'The Bonfire of the Vanities'
Tom Vek

These are troubled times.

The gap between rich and poor gets wider with each passing day, while the deluge of information served up by the internet (hello!) helps to pacify the masses.

Returning to the studio, reclusive pop genius Tom Vek has channeled these feelings into new album 'Luck'. Out later this year, new single 'Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)' definitely sets the tone.

A comment on moral ambivalence funnelled through Tom Wolfe's 'The Bonfire Of The Vanities' it's a debauched pop gem in the making.

The video was filmed at Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green, London and it matches the schizophrenic nature of the music.

Check it out now.

- - -

'Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)' will be released through Moshi Moshi on June 9th.

Directed by: PAXI
Produced by: Leap Films
DP: Charlie Goodger
Cast: Samira Larouci & Fabian Bolin


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