Techno tenderness...
The Das

Youth brings with it a host of unique properties.

That unfailing confidence, those deep rivets of doubt. That desire to progress, the need to seclude yourself away from the spotlight.

The/Das know this all too well. Fabian Fenk and Anton K. Feist have previously played together with Bodi Bill, releasing four albums and reaching a cult following in their native Germany.

But then they decided to try something new. The/Das is rather more instantaneous, more techno driven than their previous efforts. Whereas Bodi Bill was measured, considered, The/Das is throwaway, youthful.

For new track ‘Have No Fear’ the band decided to tackle this head on. The video for the song features a group of young children, exploring new influences and uncharted areas of their friendship.

Watch it now.

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‘Have No Fear’ appears on new EP ‘Speak Your Mind Speak’ which is out now.


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