Psychotic newcomers...
The Wytches

The hell with names - grunge and garage ain't nothin' but the same damn thing.

Think about it: garage rock kingpins The Sonics came from the Pacific North-West, the exact same location which housed Mudhoney, TAD, Green River and all those other sludge merchants.

In fact, ClashMusic is willing to wager that Kurt Cobain probably knew the chords to 'Louie Louie'...

So a band like The Wytches in a way make perfect sense. Claiming to be driven by the primordial caveman thump of prime era grunge, their new single 'Beehive Queen' is in fact a demented surf-rock workout.

A three / four piece (it's complicated) the band formed in Peterborough but are now based in Brighton. Clearly, that intoxicating sea air has left its trace - Kristian Bell has a voice that could strip paint at twelve paces, while the metallic stomp of the rhythm section is something to behold.

Out on June 3rd, 'Beehive Queen' will be limited to 300 copies and was produced by Toerag boffin Liam Watson.

ClashMusic has managed to wrestle the video to the ground and shove it onto our server - check it out now.

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The Wytches are set to release 'Beehive Queen' on June 3rd.

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