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The Vestals

Sometimes bands can be too perfect.

Arriving with a masterplan, a marketing strategy and stylist some new groups can leave you cold before you've even hit 'play'.

Thankfully, The Vestals aren't like that. The band believe in retaining a little mystery, in allowing the music to do their talking for them. A quick statement: “In a time when we know everything about everyone, we believe a little mystery is a good thing.”

Debut single ‘Perfect Pain’ / ‘Seventeen’ is set to be released on February 11th, with Killing Moon ushering a seven inch slab of vinyl into the world.

With attention falling on the group, The Vestals have been confirmed as main tour support for Pure Love's latest much hyped jaunt.

Ahead of this, ClashMusic have been granted a special preview. The Vestals recently shot a video for 'Seventeen' which features them rampaging through the song in black and white. Later introducing some snakes and skeletons, it's a striking yet curiously strange clip.

Watch it now.

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‘Perfect Pain’ / ‘Seventeen’ is set to be released on February 11th


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