Rising Manchester indie types...
The Tapestry

Getting a band started is an expensive business.

The Tapestry quickly found this to be the case, and took to flogging pictures of a certain children's TV presenter up to nefarious deeds in a nightclub to keep the project going.

As the band themselves admit: "We're not too proud of it but it was worth it to start the band and buy the instruments!"

A four piece, the group's nascent energy has already captured attention with Liam Gallagher strolling into a recent London show. His verdict on upcoming single 'Right As Rain'? "A f*ckin tune".

A performance style clip, the video for 'Right As Rain' captures the buzz of their live performances, with the track itself unfolding with a near instant infectiousness.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Right As Rain' is out now.


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