Bombastic disco fun...
The Swiss

In one swift stroke, disco was returned to the charts.

The enormous global success of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' has spawned numerous thought pieces, most focussing on the sudden return of disco. Yet really, the scene has been gestating, growing for over a decade with countless producers and label owners helping to develop the sound.

The Swiss have had a bigger hand in this than more. An Australian production team, the group have constructed three killer singles to date. Working with Kitsune, new track 'Connect' is an absolute disco blast.

Fun, frothy and more than a little frisky, the track rides on a simple beat with the main percussive blast supplied by some synthetic strings. Bordering on electro-house, there's a subtle piano undercurrent which nods at The Swiss' love of the disco era.

Deeply infectious, 'Connect' is prime time fun - nothing less than the twilight hour will do. The video for the track is a deeply retro affair, with the jagged rhythms matched to an 8-Bit arcade game.

Anyone who spent their tender years seated in front of a Master System should feel pangs of nostalgia from this...

Watch it now.

- - -

The Swiss' new EP 'Elouisa' - containing 'Connect' - is out now.

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