Joyous retro pop...
The See See

Retro has almost become a dirty word in certain circles.

Any new band who conjure up phrases such as 'timeless' can be dismissed in some quarters without even gaining an inch on the stereo, simply out of Futurist prejudice. We'd ordinarily agree, but when it comes to The See See this is a crying shame.

Sure, the London based outfit wear their influences on a Paisley Pattern sleeve but when it's done with such vitality, such joyous energy then it's difficult to deny their charms.

The band recently hooked up with legendary American label Sundazed - home to many a bowl cut clad garage rocker - for a new single. 'The Rain & The Snow' is as cyclical as the seasons, with The See See chiming out some Eastern influences arpeggios while the harmonies seep out of your speakers like marmalade on hot toast.

The video for the single features some live footage, mixed in with intimate photos from The See See's latest tour. Not one for the Futurists, but if you're in any way inclined to fly along with The Byrds then this could well light your fire.

- - -

'The Rain & The Snow' will be released on January 29th.


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