A short film...
The Last Skeptik

Hip hop has always been about more than mere music. A way of life, it touches upon rap lyrics, graffiti, fashion and beats. What was that last one again?

Oh, beats. See, the production that hip hop inspires - playful, Future minded - is often shunned to one side, often dis-regarded in lieu of other, flashier, elements. Now and again, though, a producer will come along to remind us that beats are pretty damn important.

London based guru The Last Skeptik is one such artist, capable of pushing hip hop in fresh directions. New album 'Thanks For Trying' is out on May 6th, and promises to be the producer's finest document yet. The Last Skeptik is in a curiously introspective mood, with the tapestry of samples lining up against organic parts drawn from live instrumentation.

As a preview, ClashMusic are able to present a pretty special video. 'Pick Your Battles' is the latest single to be drawn from the album, and comes equipped with a clip shot by Jeff Metal in the Peak District.

The Last Skeptik stars throughout, but the real hit is a terrifying bear who strolls into the shoot...

Watch it now.

- - -

'Thanks For Trying' is set to be released on May 6th.


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