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The Heartbreaks

It takes a lot of courage to think big.

Spreading your wings, setting your sights on something bigger, something better - all attributes that are undoubtedly healthy but seem to sit uneasily on the shoulders of a British musician.

The Heartbreaks though, have no such worries. Right from the off the band seem obsessed with building something grand, something huge. Sonically, new EP 'Hand On Heart' draws from the epic side of Echo & The Bunnymen with a nod towards U2 when the occasion demands it as well.

New EP 'Hand On Heart' drops in February, but has already gained some admiring glances. Frontman Matthew had the following to say of its creation: “We’ve always had a kind of intrinsic sense of drama, but with the addition of strings we were able to truly articulate a feeling of being widescreen, cinematic. Rather than merely ‘sounding big’, we wanted to make music that, like those great Scott Walker, REM and Bunnymen records, was melodic, bold, elegiac... Something conceptual that would, even if just for an EP, take our music beyond its usual guitar and bass sound”.

ClashMusic have been handed the video for the EP's title track. Showing the band at work in the studio, it demonstrates the sheer vibrant energy which runs through them.

Watch it now.

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'Hand On Heart' is out on February 4th.


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