Unashamedly pop...
The Good Natured

In some respects, 'pop' is almost a dirty word.

Usually used alongside such adjectives as 'throwaway' or 'naff', 'pop' can be viewed as lightweight, frothy... cheap.

Yet The Good Natured are none of these things. Unashamedly pop, the band have been working alongside an array of big name producers, with Richard X sitting behind the desk for debut single '5-HT'.

Intelligently produced and - dare we say it - completely pop, '5-HT' is a sign of things to come. Debut album 'Prism' drops this summer, but ahead of this the band are planning to release another free download.

'Lovers' is about as sweet as a cool glass of orange juice on an unseasonably warm Spring day, three minutes of melody and harmony, promise and execution.

The video for the track features The Good Natured walking along a run down British high street, a rare blast of energy amidst a drab, dreary scene.

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The Good Natured are set to release their debut album 'Prism' this summer.


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