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The Cribs have released a lo-fi VHS-style video for their pulsing new track 'Leather Jacket Love Song' to celebrate their forthcoming singles collection 'Payola' released February 25th.

Directed in the band’s hometown of Wakefield, the video intersperses camcorder footage from 1997 with newly shot footage to show the current day Cribs performing with their teenage selves.

Director Andy Knowles said: “The video uses a sophisticated mix of visual effects, hidden cuts, lookalikes and set decoration to sell the illusion that two generations of Cribs are performing together at the same time.”

Originally written for the band’s fourth album, 'Ignore The Ignorant' (released September 9th 2009), 'Leather Jacket Love Song' is an infectious slice of nostalgic indie-pop and remains one of their most sought after tracks.

The band will play London's Brixton Academy on February 22nd and additional cuts from the video can be viewed at

Watch the video now.

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'Leather Jacket Love Song' is set to be released on February 11th.

Words by James Evans


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