Shot by Gregor Johnstone
The Amazing Snakeheads

It's a curious beast, the Glaswegian sense of humour.

At times dark, caustic and it can also be hopelessly silly. Genuinely surreal, it leaps from topic to topic, tying together loose ends into bizarre bunches and then casting them out again.

The Amazing Snakeheads have this running through their material, a mixture of the outright noir and an almost self-mocking tone.

Picking up on this, film maker Greg Johnstone matches new single 'Nighttime' to some outlandish visuals. Opening in a morgue, it finds humour in darkness and darkness in mirth.

The director explains: "I met with Dale and was immediately struck by his honest passion for what he and the Snakeheads were doing. I remembered that he wore these great rings and it was the image of his ring-covered hand falling out from under a mortuary sheet that kicked off the idea. I wanted the video to capture the intense, direct energy that Dale projects. Visually I planned the video to have the look of a hallucinatory film noir. I felt the video’s darker themes should be undercut by humour, which I find in the band’s lyrics and certainly in the band themselves."

Watch it now.

- - -

'Nighttime' is set to be released on July 14th.

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