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The Acid

Three artists, three continents, one project.

The Acid unites Brighton based Adam Freeland, Californian artist Steve Nalepa and Australian producer Ry X. Aiming to create genre-less music, the trio have applied every ounce of their experience to the project.

Self-titled, the trio's debut EP drops on April 14th. Ahead of this, though, the three piece have commissioned a very special video for their first track.

'Basic Instinct' fuses nasty, noisy electronics with some meditative, gentle acoustic guitar, all the while matching soothing harmonies with stripped back percussion.

Los Angeles dance troupe WIFE star in the resulting video, with Ry X and film maker Dugan O’ Neal coming to the fore.

"I have always felt very connected to aesthetics in line with music—they are part of each other and the whole" explains Ry X. "When we came up with the idea for the video, we brought WIFE into the fold before all else."

A slow motion, extremely beautiful dance routine, WIFE's Kristen Leahy, Jasmine Albuquerque and Gabriella Vincenza Cataldo bring the track to life in the most vivid manner.

Watch it now. (via NowNess)

The Acid: Basic Instinct on Nowness.com


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