GOMMA lynchpin takes a solo turn...

Munich’s GOMMA are big in the game, famed for their funky, deep house and disco offerings. Consistently bringing out fresh and exciting releases, they speak a variety of eclectic musical languages.

Label co-founder Jonas Imbery now rears his head as Telonius - his club-exploring guise that is both future facing yet built on retro tropes. On this new track, a two-tone vocal sails over firm house strings and spiraling bass notes. It’s impossibly catchy - a delirious midnight jam.

Directed by Bureau Mirko Borsche, the video for 'Kiss Your Face' draws all the neon signage of Soho's naughty venues or the adult entertainment centre of Tokyo into one blinkering visual. Starting with the gradual outline of a woman's face, the video descends into hysteria, featuring rave sunflowers, spinning bottles and dancing girls. The clean, parallel lines of the beginning start to melt and deform, as a Rolling Stones-esque mouth opens to sing.

It’s mesmerising, and pretty hard to draw your eyes away from. Except if you’re epileptic… in which case you should probably look away now.

Watch it now.

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Words by Felicity Martin


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