Ever so slightly NSFW...

Disco was never intended to simply be frothy, pop-heavy fare.

Flicking back through the crates, it's remarkable how much darkness, how much melancholy can be found in disco's endless, machine-driven grooves - almost as if the dancers knew that, despite their ecstasy, at some point the party would come crashing down around them.

Telonius matches that itchy, incessant groove to something with a little more soul. The German producer has spent the past 15 years castigating, enraging and moving forwards, utilising both his own productions and label Gomma.

New album 'Interface' though, is one of the producer's most substantial documents yet. Available from August 30th, this is a collection of ten house tracks which seethe and writhe with a rare emotion.

Ahead of this, Clash have been handed the uncensored version of 'I Make You A Man'. Glistening disco beats and warm house textures, the production is matched by some - ahem - lustful visuals which feature clips from international renowned German actor Thomas Kretschmann.

Directed by Klaus Lemke, this striking clip is perhaps NSFW.

- - -

'Interface' is set to be released on August 30th.

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