Directed by Floz
Team Ghost

Shoegaze and dance culture are different means to the same end.

Lost in sound, both scenes propel you towards bliss, towards losing yourself in sheets of noise. So it makes sense for Parisian project Team Ghost to combine the two.

Led by Nicolas Fromageau, Team Ghost recently returned with second album 'Rituals' which matched electronics against cavernous reverb. A huge step forward from their debut, 'Rituals' marries an ambitious, sonically beautiful sound to undercurrents of subtle darkness.

'Curtains' is a case in point. Opening with jet engine guitars and kinetic drumming, the jagged stop-start nature of the track chops those layers of bliss into fragments.

There's a visceral edge to proceedings, an adrenalin fuelled confrontation which enhances the threatening, dark aspects of their noise. French arts collective Floz have stepped in to conjure up a new video.

Vividly shot, the band are draped in shadow while a dancer seems to improvise to their squall.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Rituals' is out now.


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