"Probably the most personal song I’ve ever released..."

Tayá has a quite striking voice.

It's more than just her delivery, the way she attacks each note - it's the way she constructs a song, the way a lyric will unfold in a devastating manner.

With her new EP incoming the future R&B artist has decided to share striking new cut 'When Ur Sober'.

Constructed with Wayne Hector, Emma DD, super-producer Arnthor Birgisson, and long-time Tayá collaborator Diztortion, it's an enthralling return.

Tayá explains: "'When Ur Sober' is probably the most personal song I’ve ever released. I think pretty much everyone can relate to going through a rocky patch in a relationship, and finding themselves needing reassurance, but not getting it. Sometimes it’s just good to hear that you’re not the only one..."

Watch the video now.

Tayá will release her self-titled EP later this year.

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