Featuring Miss Eaves...
Surfing Leons

The internet has created a global clubbing community. A track created in Cape Town can be remixed in Lisbon and pressed to wax in New York within a day, with artists being united by ideas rather than geography.

Hailing from Belgium, Surfing Leons is the perfect example of how to exploit these new opportunities. 

Making a name for himself in his homeland, Mathieu Fonsny holds down residencies in Paris, Ibiza and Liege as well as running the Forma.T label. Fusing hip hop with bass weight, Surfing Leons quickly came to the attention of Buraka Som Sistema who have developed a relationship with the producer via their Encufada label.

Available as a free download, 'Banga' is all sub-low frequencies and tribal rhythms, hip hop reduced to its bare bones then built back up into something new. North Carolina's Miss Eaves adds some rhymes, with her staccato flow applying some serious feminine sass to Surfing Leons' production.

The video is an explosion of colour and dance moves - a wry, self-deprecating and fun counter to 'Banga'.

Watch it now.

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Download 'Banga' HERE.

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