Featuring Dev Hynes and Samantha Urbani...
Stay Bless

Much of what is labelled 'dream pop' is in fact rooted squarely in reality.

But Stay Bless seem to capture that whimsically surreal, just-out-of-touch feel which runs through your nighttime visions. Aesthetically, comparisons can be made to The xx and their downbeat glamour, but the project also nods towards the perfect pop of the 80s, it's manicured to perfection tonal qualities and faint unreality.

Signing to 37 Adventures, the label have posted new track 'Faded' by way of an introduction. Man of the moment Dev Hynes makes a guest appearance, while Samantha Urbani was also on hand during the track's construction.

A curious, beguiling beast, 'Faded' seems to tug at places of your unconscious mind, triggering memory impulses with its quietly lavish symphonic pop.

Watch it now.

- - -

Stay Bless' new EP 'Faded' is out now. Tracklisting:

1. Always
2. Back
3. Touch
4. Faded

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