Debut album approaches...

As the old saying goes, a band has their entire life to dream up their debut album.

Which perhaps why Stagecoach have taken so long over theirs. Working in an entirety independent fashion, the group have been writing, recording and (especially) touring for almost a decade now.

Deciding that a full length album was perhaps overdue, the band entered the studio last year. Working with man-of-the-moment Rory Atwell, Stagecoach are set to release new album 'Say Hi To The Band' on May 13th.

Alcopop! Records will usher the record into the world, with Stagecoach handing a quick preview to ClashMusic. 'Work! Work! Work!' is three minutes of skuzzy, fuzzed up guitars and slacker vocals, with the band's inherent pop touch pushed to the fore.

Atwell's engagingly raw production style is evident, allowing the band's natural energy to flow through. Set to be released as a limited edition art print on March 25th, the video features Stagecoach - and about fifty of their chums - having a whale of a time.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Say Hi To The Band' is set to be released on May 13th on vinyl, CD and (intriguingly) MiniDisc.

Work! Work! Work!
56k Dial-Up
A New Hand
Kings Resolve
First & Last
Nothing Leads You Astray
We Got Tasers
I'm Not Your House
Video Shop

Stagecoach are set to play the following shows:

11 Northampton The Labour Club
13 Oxford The Cellar Club
14 London Birthdays
15 Leamington Spa The Zephyr Lounge
17 Brighton The Great Escape
18 London Rough Trade West
30 Aldershot The West End Centre
31 Cardiff The Buffalo Bar

1 Leeds Santiago's

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