On the rise...

As much as we'd like them to - it'd make ClashMusic's job a hell of a lot easier if they did - bands don't arrive with manifestos in hand.

More often than not, new groups turn up on our doorstep with no other motivation than simply having fun. Splashh have a carefree charm, a nonchalance that can't be faked, a laid back sensibility in line with the new slacker generation.

Fuzzed up hymns to summer sun, the band are working with Luv Luv Luv on their debut album. Titled 'Comfort' it drops on June 3rd, but the full length will be preceded by new single 'All I Wanna Do'.

Beautiful melodies hidden beneath waves of noise, it's blissful nostalgia is both comforting and slightly unsettling. After all, if bands as young as Splashh are turning their youth into a Golden Age then what does that say about today?

Directed by Errol Rainey, the video for the track is loaded with the carefree chemistry which fuelled the band's live shows.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Comfort' is set to be released on June 3rd.


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