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Spectral Park

Amid the maelstrom of modern technology and furious city life, you can't blame some people for feeling as if they've cut adrift in a bad trip.

Within a few seconds of listening to 'L'appel Du Vide' it seems that Spectral Park know that feeling all too well. The chopped up, fast paced songwriting dives past in a blur, springing-a-yard then halting; springing-forward then falling-back.

Seeming to obey it's own rules, it's own barriers 'L'appel Du Vide' is chaotic without being random, carefully structured without losing its innate energy.

The production has that damaged, fragmented feel that Ariel Pink has pushed to the forefront - Spectral Park don't feel like some half-remembered salute to the 60s, but the memory itself.

Signed to Mexican Summer, the track forms part of Spectral Park's debut album.

Out this month, the project have handed the video for 'L'appel Du Vide' to ClashMusic - all cut up visuals and colours that seem to bleed across your screen, it is the perfectly bizarre counterpoint to the music itself.

Check it out now.

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Spectral Park are set to release their debut album through Mexican Summer this month.


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