Stark return...
Sparrow and the Workshop

While some bands are thrust into the spotlight, others are content to quietly go about their business.

Sparrow And The Workshop are very much in the latter camp. The Scottish group are now onto album #3 of a carefully constructed discography which blends together Americana flavours with a stark, emotional delivery worthy of PJ Harvey.

Now at home on Song, By Toad the band are set to release their new full length on May 27th. 'Murderopolis' is another step forward, the sound of a group comfortable in their own skin and able to revitalise their sound by refining their approach to songwriting.

New single 'Shock Shock' is set to be released today (March 11th) and it's a glorious return. All jagged edges and sharp points, the amusing new video sits in sharp contradiction to the single itself.

Shot in an empty swimming pool, Sparrow And The Workshop are shown indulging in an inventive synchronised swimming routine. It's a fun clip, one that showcases the band's often neglected quirkier side.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Murderopolis' is set to be released on May 27th.


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