For Off Guard Gigs...
Skinny Lister

'Folk' is a hopelessly broad term.

Given that they use acoustic guitars and fiddles, Skinny Lister are often tagged thus. But really, the depths and idiosyncrasies of their songwriting deserve a more personal, specific description.

After a succession of single releases debut album 'Forge & Flagon' dropped last year, all noir shades and gothic songcraft. Refining their live show to a fine degree, Skinny Lister are an imposing concert experience.

Booked to appear at Bestival, Clash and Right Guard couldn't resist the chance to get the band in for a session. Part of the Off Guard Gigs series, Skinny Lister chose to breeze through 'Bold As Brass'.

It's a direct, visceral recording. Stripped back, the lack of instrumentation only seems to enhance the group's songwriting.

Watch it now.

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