A collaboration with Roman Flügel...

Simian Mobile Disco kicked off their Delicacies series back in 2010.

Intended as a vehicle for their more club-ready productions, each was named after an obscure foodstuff - the 'Delicacies' of the title.

Drawing to a close, Delicacies ended last month with the release of 'Hachinoko/Ikizukuri'. A joint effort with Roman Flügel, the material represented a deep, dark, tech-house flavoured instalment to the series.

The video for 'Hachinoko' draws on themes of "hatching and evolution". Shot by Jack Featherstone and Jamie Thompson, it was partially inspired by Hachinoko itself - a Japanese delicacy, it's a dessert made from bee larvae.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Hachinoko/Ikizukuri' is out now.

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