Australian disco pop...

A perennially mis-understood genre, disco was always much more ambitious, much more expansive than it was ever given credit for.

Check out Moroder's future-minded productions, the lush, post-Sly Stone productions of Love Unlimited or even the sharp, jazz chording of Nile Rodgers for just a few swift examples.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Scenic recall the outer fringes of disco. There's a frothiness to their sound, an immediacy that feels bleached out by near constant light.

New track 'Shockwaves' is a case in point. Those downward strings, the powering drums are matched by soft summer breeze vocals while the video pieces together archive beach footage.

Supreme retro-Futurism built for scorching sunshine, you can watch it now.

- - -

Scenic's new EP 'Shockwaves' is set to be released shortly. Tracklisting:

1. Shockwaves
2. Overflow
3. Hours On End
4. Mesmerised

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