Road trip.
Savoir Adore

Savoir Adore seemingly began with two simple rules: "48 hours. No acoustic guitars".

Now, we've got no idea about time scale, but Savoir Adore definitely seem to have kept the second part of the promise. Full length debut 'Our Nature' is all dreamy textures, hints of Motown and cloud strewn synthesised pop. New cut 'Empire Of Light' has gained a full video.

Heading out on the road, Savoir Adore are shown gazing out of the window as the world passes them by, vast swathes of countryside flashing by in vivid bursts. Stumbling through woodland, the clip is interspersed with scenes of the band performing the song - crammed into the tour van, it's as intimate a performance as they could muster.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Our Nature' is set to be released on October 22nd.


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