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Amidst the final decaying remains of landfill indie, of a British guitar scene beset with unfulfilled promise, there sit Savages like jewels on top of a rubbish heap.

Fuelled by all manner of cultural and artistic influences, Savages' debut album 'Silence Yourself' will undoubtedly rank high up in the 'Best Of 2013' lists which are currently rumbling in the distance.

Nominated for this year's Barclaycard Mercury Prize, the band have decided to unveil the wonderful animated clip for 'Marshal Dear'. Stripped from their debut album, the tale echoes that of Field Marshall Rommel who plotted against Hitler in an attempt to hasten the end of the Second World War.

Forced to kill himself in a bid to save his family, it's a dramatic, intense tale spread across Savages' post-punk palette. Created by Gergely Wootsch and Savages guitarist Gemma Thompson, the new animated video appears to be loosely inspired by the classic science fiction novel 'Slaughterhouse Five'.

In a short statement, Thompson explained: "This scene would replay in my head and I could imagine it as an animation of lines flowing into each other, much like early hand-drawn animation created to accentuate a musical score. I also thought it was beautiful how Billy tries to right the process of destruction and how this echoed the true story of the character in the song Marshal Dear — Field Marshal Rommel's attempted assassination of Hitler to end the Second World War which resulted in him being forced to take his own life to spare those of his family. We worked on bringing the character of the factory worker into the fore so that the animation now focused on the role of the woman working in the factory and the bomb itself as she realizes her hand in the destruction."

Watch it now.

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'Silence Yourself' is out now.

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